Behavior Consultation

Behavior consultation can be an effective strategy if your child or loved one struggles with any of the following issues:
· Challenging behaviors (i.e., tantrums, anxiety, anger, impulsivity, etc.)
· Problems with discipline or oppositional behaviors
· Problematic behaviors related to Developmental Disabilities or Autistic Spectrum Disorders

o During consults, the VPA behavior consultant will gather information in order to understand the details of the behavior you wish to change. This may entail meeting with parents, teachers, aides, daycare providers, healthcare providers, therapists, etc.
o The VPA consultant may schedule a consult to observe your child or loved one in the environment(s) the challenging behavior is most concerning (school, home, play dates, etc.). 
o Once she has all the pertinent details, the consultant will use them to conduct a functional assessment, which will allow her to more fully understand the nature of the behavior. The consultant will be able to identify triggers for the behavior, as well as underlying causes for the behavior. Strategies used are based on the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA).
o Once the she has a clearer understanding of the behavior and why it occurs, the VPA consultant will develop individualized, custom strategies to change the problem behavior. Some of these strategies will involve reward charts, reinforcer schedules, or environmental and interactional guidelines that will help caregivers determine how to respond when behaviors occur, to minimize the level of disruption in the individual’s life.
o While initially, you might attend weekly consult appointments, frequency of appointments can shift relatively quickly to bi-monthly or monthly as treatment progresses and behaviors improve.

If you have any questions about how Behavior Consultation works, or whether it is appropriate for your needs, contact the intake coordinator at VPA at 508.242.9666.
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