Personal and Professional Coaching
A famous saying goes "The only constant in life is change." As we go through life we transition from one stage to the next; from infant to toddler, from toddler to child, from child to adolescent and so on. Transitions can be both exciting yet scary, a source of pride or self-doubt, a moment of opportunities yet to come or a moment forever lost. Seeking a new relationship, changing a career, moving to a new city or starting college are just a few examples of transitions adults may face. Having a trusted & objective "coach" on your side to help you sort through your feelings, emotions or trepidations will make the process that much more rewarding, effective and ultimately more succesful. 
“Part therapist, part consultant, part motivational expert, part professional organizer, part friend, part nag - the personal coach seeks to do for your life what a personal trainer does for your body.”
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