DBT Individual & Group for Pre-Teens, Teens and Adults
What is DBT and how does learning those skills help?

Dialectical behavior therapy
(DBT) provides clients with new skills to manage painful emotions and decrease conflict in relationships. DBT  focuses on providing specific skills in four key areas:

When are the next DBT Workshops?

DBT Adult Workshop
(ages 18+): 6 weekly Workshops
New dates to be announced soon 

DBT Teen
Workshop (ages 14 - 18) : 6 weekly Workshops
Starting May 7, 2019 Tuesday evenings from 6:30PM to 7:30PM (ends June 11)

What does it Cost and How do I sign up?

Workshop meets once per week for 60 minutes over a span of 6 weeks. The cost for workshop including any materials for you to keep is $450 per participant.
Please call 508.242.9666 ext 1 or e-mail drvorpahl@yahoo.com to sign up now. Please be aware that space is very limited and slots are being booked now.
All DBT Services are provided by Mind-Out®LLC
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to sign up now: Call 508.242.9666 ext. 1 or
e-mail drvorpahl@yahoo.com
Core Mindfulness: Learn to go within self to observe oneself; learning to take control of your mind & thoughts.
Interpersonal Effectiveness: Learn to deal with conflict, get what you want, say "no" and maintain self respect.
Emotion Regulation: Learn to enhance control of your emotions and manage ups and downs.
Distress Tolerance: Learn to increase your ability to tolerate intense emotions and decrease impulsive behavior.
Could my son or daughter benefit from a DBT Workshop or Individual DBT Skills Training?
Maladaptive coping has a purpose - Immediate relief from pain

If you see one or more of these symptoms or behaviors, then YES, your child could benefit from learning DBT skills
Mood Swings
Intense Relationships
Self-harm or Suicidal Thoughts
Aggression & Threatening Postures
Eating Disorders
Substance Abuse
Excessive or Unnecessary Risk Taking
School Refusal or Failure
Unrelenting Crises

Mind-Out®LLC DBT Services help parents discover a better way to balance the needs of all of their children while maintaining the safety of everyone.
DBT Individual Coaching
DBT Workshops
DBT Parenting & Sibling Support
All DBT Services are provided by Mind-Out®LLC