Dialectical Behavior Therapy
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Core Mindfulness: Learn to go within oneself to observe without judgement; learn to take control of your mind & thoughts.
Interpersonal Effectiveness: Learn to manage conflict, get what you want, say “no” and maintain self-respect.
Emotion Regulation: Learn to enhance control of your emotions and manage emotional ups and downs.
Distress Tolerance: Learn to increase your ability to tolerate intense emotions and decrease impulsive behavior.
What is it?
Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) is a therapeutic approach that combines cognitive and behavioral skills training with compassion, validation, and insight into the connection between self and environment. In practice, DBT focuses on four specific areas of skill development aiming to manage painful emotions and build healthy relationships.
Who May Benefit from DBT?
DBT is an evidence-based treatment modality that has been shown to be effective in reducing life threatening behavior, inpatient hospitalizations, self-harming behavior, and substance use. It has been adapted and found to be an effective treatment model for individuals of all ages and can address challenges impacting one’s quality of life including:
Intense Relationships Eating Disorders
Excessive Risk-taking Delinquency
School Refusal or Failure Depression
Unrelenting Crises Anxiety
Our Team
Vorpahl Psychology Associates, DBT Team are master’s level licensed clinicians and have completed comprehensive training in DBT under the guidance of Dr. Charlie Swenson.

Kadie Yannone, LICSW DBT Director
Melissa Vogt, LICSW DBT Specialist
Hannah Charren-Diehl, LICSW DBT Specialist
Our Approach
We are a family focused private practice offering individual DBT therapy, parent therapy, home and community-based therapy, and age-based skills training groups. We create an individualized plan depending on age and presenting problems to focus on parenting strategies within a DBT framework. In addition to traditional skills training groups for middle school, teen, and adult, we are developing a parent and child combined skills training group.

We offer:       Individual DBT Therapy
Parent DBT Therapy
Family DBT Therapy
DBT Skills Training Workshops for all ages
Our DBT Skills Training Workshops
DBT skills training groups are offered in 6 week cycles throughout the year. Skills training groups are designed to teach individuals specific skills in mindfulness, emotion regulation, distress tolerance, and interpersonal effectiveness in a classroom environment. Research demonstrates skills training as an effective way for individuals to gain skills to reduce emotional pain and suffering and increase healthy relationships. Research also shows an increased efficacy of skills training when paired with individual DBT therapy. This model provides opportunities for individuals to learn how and when to use their skills in relation to their own unique behavioral patterns and challenges.
Upcoming DBT Skills Training Workshops
Each 6 week cycle of DBT Skills Training meets once per week for 60 minutes. The cost for the workshop, including any materials for you to keep is $480 per participant. Please call Kadie Yannone at 508-242-9666 extension 7 or email kyannone@yahoo.com to sign up. Please be aware space is limited and slots book quickly.
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