Infertility and Adoption Counseling & Consultation
How can infertility counseling/consultation be helpful?
The uncertainty of infertility and its treatment can be very stressful and emotionally difficult. Feeling overwhelmed and out of control can lead to sadness, anxiety, frustration, and anger.  Dr. Caitlin Roache offers a wide range of services to meet the unique needs of individuals and couples coping with fertility challenges.  Whether you desire a consultation to help negotiate a crossroads in treatment, or are looking for short-term treatment to help cope with the stressors that all too frequently accompany infertility, the experience can be tailored for you.
These counseling/consultation services are designed to:
· Help you cope with the emotional and physical stress of infertility and treatment
· Help improve your communication and relationship with your partner
· Help improve communication with family and friends
· Facilitate and support problem solving and decision-making
Suggested times when to seek counseling/consultation:
When at a “crossroads” about treatment decisions, such as
Deciding to begin or end treatment
Considering third party involvement (i.e., egg donor, sperm donor, gestational carrier)
When experiencing the grief of a failed cycle or a pregnancy loss
When considering the options of adoption
Dr. Roache also conducts assessments of potential gestational carriers, in accordance with recommendations by the American Society for Reproductive Medicine
Couples counseling for infertility patients
The experience of infertility can be a very difficult time for a couple. Even a very good relationship will be stressed, and loving partners often face unexpected challenges. Meeting with a therapist who is knowledgeable about infertility can help couples more effectively navigate these difficult times.  One focus of treatment tends to be developing a better understanding of your partner’s emotional experiences.  This can be helpful because men and women tend to go through infertility and treatment differently. In general, women usually experience more distress than men, and they also experience it much sooner. The result can be communication difficulties leading to potential emotional distance. While all couples are different, this emotional time difference is not uncommon, and it can lead to conflicts between partners who are surprised and upset to find out that they are not in the same place about the infertility.  Couples sessions provide a venue in which the therapist can help facilitate communication and bridge this emotional gap.
Support through the adoption process
At some point in the process of infertility treatment, if becoming pregnant has not occurred, couples are faced with a decision- Should the hope of a pregnancy be kept alive through continued treatment?  Should alternative avenues to having a baby, such as surrogacy, be considered?  Is it time to begin the process of moving on to child free living?  Should adoption options be considered towards the goal of parenting?

The adoption process can be exciting, but it also brings with it challenges.  Support from a professional knowledgeable about adoption can help individuals and couples manage the emotional stressors that often arise.  This often includes therapy to work through the grieving of the reproductive story that has not gone as planned.  Sessions can also provide adoptive parents with strategies for responding to reactions and questions from friends and family members, and coping skills to manage emotions when there are bumps in the road to adoption.  Upon arrival of your child through adoption, therapy supports can also include assisting parents in their multi-layered roles as adoptive parents and providing therapy for adoptees, as needed.
What do we offer?
-   Initial assessment/intake to help determine appropriate plan (this is billable to insurance)
-   Individual sessions
-   Couple’s Sessions
-   Support Group Attendance(*)
-   Sessions are 60 - 75 minutes long
-   Interventions are tailored to meet the specific needs of clients.  This may include an individualized
    plan developed in session and worked on at home


All prices are quoted per session regardless of whether an individual or a couple attends 

Pay each Session  - $250  (due at time of service)

Prepaid 5 Sessions  - $1,100 (save $30 per session)

Prepaid 10 Sessions - $2000 (save $50 per session / our most popular deal)

*NOTE: Support group offerings and pricing dependent on interest

Third-Party Evaluations:

Surrogate Evaluation- $400
- Semi-structured interview
- Feedback session with Intended parents (either in person or via phone)

Egg Donor Evaluation- $300
- Semi-structured interview
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Consultation vs. Counseling:

Consultation is typically less than 6 sessions.  The focus is generally on decision-making.  A clinician well-informed about reproductive endocrinology and ARTs can make this process less stressful.  Consultation services are generally not billable to insurance, as there is no diagnosis, which is necessary for coverage.

Counseling, on the other hand, focuses on how the infertility impacts the individual or couple psychologically and/or inter-personally.

For everyone, the intake (initial session) is billable.  Upon completion of the intake, it will be determined if best treatment is Treatment can begin as consultative, but may transition into more ongoing work that is considered therapy/counseling.  As BCBS providers, any billable services can be billed to them.  If you have another insurance, we will provide you with receipts following payment so that you can submit claims.