Our Clinician
All of us at Vorpahl Psychology Associates, LLC have multiple years of clinical experience working with clients of all ages. While each of us brings her unique background, approach and strengths to the practice, all of us adhere to the overarching philosophy that the needs, desires and goals of our clients always come first. We strongly believe that each and every person is unique and deserves a personally tailored approach to finding his own way and in return achieve his full potential as a person, parent, partner, or professional.
In addition to the mandated continuing education classes, all of us participate in weekly professional development sessions where we cover & discuss the latest developments, techniques or research as they pertain to our profession.
Jacqueline M. Vorpahl, Ph.D.
Owner & Director
Dr. Vorpahl (or Dr. V. as she is called by her patients) is the founder, owner and lead psychologist of Vorpahl Psychology Associates, LLC. She founded the practice in Medfield in the summer of 2004.
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Licensed Clinical Psychologist
Massachusetts License: 7426
Clinical Experience:  25 Years
Graduate School: California School of Professional Psychology
(formerly known as "US International University", San Diego)
Year Graduated: 1997
Doctor in Clinical Psychology
Masters in Marriage & Family Therapy
Expert in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
Member of Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma
Frequent Guest Speaker & Presenter at Regional and National Conferences
Previous Employment & Experience
Faculty Member Boston University School of Medicine Center for Multicultural Training in Psychology
Served on National Suicide Prevention Committee for Native Americans
Native American Indian Center of Boston - Child & Family Psychologist / Director of Mental Health
Wampanoag Tribe of Gayhead - Clinical Psychologist / Director of Mental Health
Boston Public School - Education and Mental Health Consultant
Malik & Associates - Clinical Psychologist
Medfield State Hospital - Psychology Post Doctorate Fellow
Boston University - Psychology Post Doctorate Fellow
South Shore Mental Health & Medfield State Hospital - Clinical APA Psychology Intern
Downtown Mental Health, San Diego - Psychiatric Case Manager / Therapist
Darcy Peifer, Psy.D.
Assistant Director
Dr. Peifer joined Vorpahl Psychology Associates, LLC in July of 2010.  Dr. Peifer received her doctorate from the Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology in 2008. Prior to joining VPA she was a full-time clinician at Wediko Children's Services in Boston.
Dr Peifer is also trained and certified to administer & score several psychological assessment tools.
Licensed Clinical Psychologist
Massachusetts License: 9189
Graduate School: Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology
Clinical Experience: 14 years
Strong background in working with children, adolescents and adults.
Experience in treating symptoms of ADHD, anxiety and depression.
Multiple years of experience and strong track record in working with children and adolescents with behavioral issues.
Previous Employment & Experience
Wediko Children's Services, Full-time Psychologist
Wediko Children's Services, Therapist Intern
Youth Opportunities Upheld, Inc., Therapist Intern
Bedford VA Hospital, Practicum Intern
The Manville School, Practicum Student
Walker Home & School, Assistant Teacher
New England Center for Children, Level II Teacher
Janet Price, Psy.D. LMHC, MEd
Licensed Mental Health Counselor
Massachusetts License: 9245
Clinical Experience: 6 years
Graduate School: Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology
Expected Date of Graduation: December, 2015
Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology
Master’s Degree in Early Childhood/ Special Needs
Board Member Asperger's Association of New England, Watertown
Experience with Asperger's community
Experience with children, adolescents, adults, couples and families
Expert in the joys and challenges of adoption
Previous Employment & Experience
South End Community Health Center: Mental Health Department, Clinical Intern
Y.O.U. Inc. Family Center: Clinical Intern
McLean-Fransiscan’s Child and Adolescent In-Patient Unit: Practicum Intern
Family Services, Inc.: Practicum Intern
Adjunct Instructor, University of Massachusetts, Boston: Early Childhood Department
Massachusetts Early Intervention Program: Director
Early Childhood Special Needs: Teacher
Trainer and Presenter at Various Workshops and Conferences
Janet Price joined Vorpahl Psychology Associates, LLC in August of 2012. She has six years of clinical experience working with children, adolescents, adults, couples and families. Before choosing a career in clinical psychology, Janet worked for over 30 years in the field of early childhood/ special needs.
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Wendy Billings-Litke, LMHC
Wendy Billings-Litke joined Vorpahl Psychology Associates, LLC in December 2014. She has 7 years of behavioral health experience helping children, adolescents and their families. Wendy is  a licensed mental health counselor. She received her Masters in Art Therapy and Mental Health Counseling from Lesley University in 2011. 
Licensed Mental Health Counselor
Massachusetts License: 8767
Clinical Experience:  7 Years
Graduate School: Lesley University, Cambridge MA
Year Graduated: 2011
Masters in Art Therapy & Mental Health Counseling
Extensive experience in integrating yoga and behavioral health
Strong background in Art Therapy
Numerous  additional certifications and trainings
Member of:
American Art Therapy Association (AATA)
New England Art Therapy Association (NEATA)
Marissa L. Maki, LMHC
Marissa L Maki joined Vorpahl Psychology Associates, LLC in December 2016 on a part-time basis Tuesday and Thursday afternoons . She has 5 years  experience helping children, adolescents and their families as an educational adjustment counselor. Marissa is  a licensed mental health counselor. She received her Masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Lesley University in 2013. 
Licensed Mental Health Counselor
Massachusetts License: 9906
Clinical Experience:  5 Years
Graduate School: Lesley University, Cambridge MA
Year Graduated: 2013
Masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, School & Community Specialization/School Adjustment Counselor
Publications: Supporting Our Students at Risk: Recognizing and Responding to Students Experiencing Mental Health Issues
Previous Employment & Experience
High Rock School, Needham MA - School Adjustment Counselor
Hillside Elementary School, Needham MA - School Guidance Counselor
Pollard Middle School, Needham MA - School Guidance Counselor
Brookline Community Mental Health Center, Brookline MA - Clinical Associate
Malden Public Schools & Housing Families, Inc, Malden MA - Clinician

Special Trainings & Certifications
School Adjustment Counselor K-12 Certification
National Clinical Mental Health Counselor Certification
DBT Skills Training: Dr. Michael Hollander, McLean Hospital
Harvard Medical School: School Mental Health K-12
The Bridge Training Institute: DBT Skills Training
The Education Cooperative: Understanding & Treating the Complex Puzzle of Non-Suicidal Self-Injury
The Education Cooperative: School Avoidance: Understanding Why It Happens and Approaches for Reintegrating Students
Developmental Resources: Helping Young People Learn Self-Regulation
In addition to my position here at VPA, I work as a school adjustment counselor. Having a dual role as a school counselor and outpatient therapist has allowed me to understand the needs of children and families in and outside of the school setting.  I believe that establishing strong relationships between school and outside practitioners helps to create an environment where services can be wrapped around children and families to provide the utmost level of support. 

Within the clinical setting, I believe that successful therapy begins with a strong therapeutic alliance between the client and the clinician.  I integrate practices from developmental psychology, cognitive behavioral therapy, and dialectical behavioral therapy in my practice.  I also recognize the importance of meeting a client where he/she is and using strategies that may be most effective and helpful to the individual.  Within my sessions with clients, I hope to create an environment where clients feel safe, supported, and understood.  Having a sense of curiosity about and genuine interest in all of the clients with whom I work, creates an environment where growth is fostered and clients can work through challenges that they may be facing.

Previous Employment & Experience
Meadowridge Academy, Swansea MA -  Clinician
Whitney Academy, E Freetown MA  - Therapist
McLean Hospital, Brockton MA - Clinical Intern
Meadowridge Academy, Swansea MA - Clinical Intern
Stevens Treatment Center, Swansea MA - Behavioral Specialist

Special Trainings & Certifications
SMART (Sensory Motor Arousal Regulation Treatment), JRI
Trauma Center Trauma Sensitive Yoga Teacher Training
Restorative Yoga Teacher Training, Back Bay Yoga Studio
Building Communities of Care Instructor Training, JRI
Psychological First Aid Train the Trainer, JRI
ARC (Attachment, Regulation and Competency) Model, JRI
My Life My Choice
AFAA Group Exercise Certification
Art and Yoga Teacher Training, Kripalu
Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training, Eyes of the World
I have worked with adolescents, families and adults, joining them in their quest for wholeness, recovery and greater happiness. I have experience helping others navigate through trauma, grief and loss, depression, anxiety, anger and issues specific to the LGBTQQ community.

I use a holistic approach and look at success and difficulty through multiple lenses such as physical wellness, relationship and environment as well as thoughts, emotion and behavior. My hope with each person or family I work with is to discover creative interventions and approaches that lead to meeting their goals. In addition to using a traditional psychodynamic approach, I provide optional play and art therapy as well as mindfulness and body-oriented interventions. Image making can be used as a method to self-soothe, alleviate symptoms of stress or be integrated with CBT techniques to depict experiences, re-frame emotions or negative thoughts and make sense of traumatic stress while maintaining distance from overwhelming sensations. I use my training in yoga to create opportunities for interoception and promote a greater sense of physical and emotional control.

I believe success in treatment is based on a team effort and relationship with the client is paramount. I try to create a welcoming, safe and inspiring atmosphere allowing for trust and creative growth. I encourage learning skills, trusting the process and creating change that continues outside the office walls.    
"As a child & family psychologist I work with children as young as 2½ and their families. When working with children, depending on their age, I blend play therapy, developmental psychology, family systems and cognitive behavioral therapy. Due to the warm and welcoming atmosphere, kids view therapy as a time that is fun while learning about themselves and strategies to manage anxiety, depression and ADHD to name a few. Working with individuals, families and couples, I offer non-traditional coaching in areas such as parenting, child & adolescent issues, constructive conflict resolution and career dilemmas to more traditional clinical treatment of conditions such as mood disorders and anxiety.

I use a mixture of interactive strategies that include exploring the effects of one's past on present problems; understanding how our thoughts influence our behavior, how subsequent changes in our behavior can alter the way we perceive ourselves, and the significance of interpersonal relationships effecting our daily lives."
"I have worked extensively with children, adolescents, and families, both as a teacher and as a clinician. When working with kids, I aspire to create a safe, structured, and warm therapeutic environment.  I have particular experience treating ADHD symptoms, anxiety, depression, and behavioral problems.  I also believe that collaborating with family members is an integral part of child therapy. 

My clinical experience has also included psychotherapy with adults and couples.   As a psychologist, it is a privilege and an honor to hear peoples stories, achievements, struggles, and dreams.  I take a psychodynamic and family systems approach, while recognizing that the therapeutic process is unique for every individual. In addition I apply Cognitive Behavioral Therapy techniques that are often used to treat anxiety and phobias. I hope that my clients leave therapy feeling understood, supported, and comfortably challenged." 

"I have found working with children and families to be my life-long passion. As an educator, and now as a behavioral health counselor, I am guided in every interaction and relationship by the belief that each human enters life with the need to be loved and accepted. I believe that each of us is doing the best we can with the skills that we have. People come to therapy because something in their lives is stuck, not going as they would like. Some struggles are life issues, others current concerns.

I am honored to be invited to join my client/s on a piece of their life journey. I am a witness to my client’s experience. My goal in a therapeutic relationship is to communicate respect, caring, attention, and hope. I believe that the process of healing occurs in the trusted space of therapy."
Melissa Vogt, LICSW
Melissa Vogt joined Vorpahl Psychology Associates, LLC in January 2017 on a part-time basis Monday and Thursday afternoons . She has 15 years  experience helping children, adolescents and their families in a variety of settings.  Melissa is  a licensed independent clinical social worker and parent coach. She received her Masters in Social Work from Temple University in Philadelphia, PA and completed a fellowship at Childrens Hospital in Boston, MA.
Licensed Indepent Clinical Social Worker
Massachusetts License: 000120122
Clinical Experience:  15 Years
Graduate School: Temple University, Philadelphia, PA
Year Graduated: 2006
Masters in Social Work
Member of:
National Association of Social Workers
Strong research background in areas of  neurosicience as well as adolescent behavior.
Strong background and multiple years experience in effectively working with children, adolscents and their families in emotionally charged situations.

Previous Employment & Experience
Vive Family Support Program, Boston, MA - Parent Coach
AHM Consulting, Sherborn, MA - Director of Family Support
Children's Hospital, Boston, MA - Intervention Specialist
Children's Hospital, Boston MA - Swensrud Depression Prevention Fellow
COMHAR Outpatient Services, Philadelphia, PA - Social Work Intern
Temple University, Philadelphia, PA - Research Associate
Franklin Marshall College, Philadelphia, PA - Independent Researcher

I am a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker and Parent Coach.  A graduate of Franklin and Marshall College, I continued my education at Temple University in Philadelphia, receiving a Masters degree in Social Work.  With family in the New England area and an opportunity to further my professional training, I moved to Boston to complete a fellowship in Psychiatry through Children’s Hospital Boston.  I have over 15 years of experience working with children and adolescents in a variety of treatment settings including schools, outpatient clinics, residential treatment facilities, and juvenile detention programs.  I strongly believe in the inherent resilience of an individual and work to foster that resilience by supporting emotional, social, and academic growth.   Working with a family to understand their unique situation, I help create an environment that is healthy, supportive, and wholly successful for both the individual child and the entire family.  I have always placed great value on the relationships I develop through my work - both with the family clients, as well as the professional educators, support staff, and faculty.  My goal is to help families find a common ground where both the individual and the caregiver(s) feel confident, safe, and successful.  My own family and my two young boys inspire both my work and home life, keeping me running, exploring, and laughing every day.