School Observations (includes pre-school and kindergarten)
At VPA, we frequently get calls from parents who are concerned about how their child is doing in school.   When there are academic, social, emotional, or behavioral problems at school, it may be beneficial to have a psychologist be an observer in your child’s classroom.  School observations can be helpful for children, teachers, families, and other providers on the treatment team.  By observing a child in the school, a psychologist can make recommendations specific to that child in his or her classroom environment.  Furthermore, observations promote collaboration and open communication among team members, which can assist with treatment planning and setting realistic goals for your child.  Visiting a classroom provides an opportunity for the psychologist to advocate for your child as well as share information with teachers about challenges that may hinder success in the classroom.  Following a school visit, we will provide the parent with feedback, including observations of their child’s functioning in the classroom, and a list of recommendations. 
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