Social Group for Ages 2nd - 5th Grade (Middle School)
Some kids have trouble regulating themselves…
and they suffer for it.
Can your child resist distractions?  Inhibit impulses? Bounce back from difficult emotions? Delay gratification and plan ahead?

Self-control has been defined in many ways - as conscientiousness, self-discipline, or willpower. However, you define it, self-control is about being able to regulate yourself.

Goals:  (1) Positive Peer Interaction
              (2) Self-Control & Emotion Regulation
              (3) Skills to Practice at Home

Extensive research has shown that young children with poor self-regulation skills tend to make less academic progress. Throughout the school years, they are more likely to experience anxiety, depression, and aggressive behavior problems.
Our social group teaches your child how to effectively regulate his/her emotions, develop positive peer relations and progress academically; all in a fun and engaging environment.
Meeting Details:

Length:                    60 minutes once a week for 6 weeks
Participant Eligibility: All ages attending 2nd thru 5th grade
Location:                  266 Main Street, Suite 33A (Building 3) Medfield MA 02052
Leader:                    Jacqueline Vorpahl, PhD
Max Group Size:       6 participants
Cost:                        $300 per participant

Available Dates:         Choose from one of the following two available options
IMPORTANT DISCLOSURE: These seminars are NOT THERAPY and therefore are NOT ELIGIBLE for insurance reimbursement. They are educational and skill building in nature.
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Mondays (4:00PM to 5:00PM)
Option 1: September 16 thru October 28, 2019 (no meeting 10/14)
Option 2: Nov 04 thru December 16, 2019 (no meeting 11/11)